Pricing and licenses

To use the Arm Allinea Studio or Arm Forge software tool, you must have a valid license. This page describes the license types available and how to purchase them.

If you have any questions, the Arm Sales team can help you choose the right license for your budget and requirements, taking into account the type of research you do, the combination of tools you require, and the number of nodes, processes, platforms, and users involved.

If you already have a license, the team can help you with your license renewals and quotes for new software.

License types

To use Arm Forge and Arm Allinea Studio you must purchase either a Workstation license (also known as node-locked|named user license) or a Floating license (also known as Supercomputing), or use an Evaluation license (enables you to trial the tools for 7 days).


Workstation licenses restrict access to specific node and are managed by a single license file. There is no need for Arm License Server to manage the license. You can purchase a workstation license for any of the Arm tools on the online Developer store.



Floating licenses are server-hosted and enable any logged-in user to use the tools. They are suitable for large clusters and require Arm License Server to manage them.

To inquire about purchasing a floating license suitable for your system needs, contact the Arm Sales team at

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To evaluate the tools, you can request an evaluation license. Evaluation licenses let you try Arm Forge or any of the Arm Allinea Studio tools for up to 7 days. To demonstrate the tools in action, a trials package is available with some example code and guidance on running the examples. Alternatively, you can run them with your own workloads.

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Want to trial the tools?

Trial any of the Arm HPC tools with an evaluation license


Evaluate the tools

Want tool support?

If you are already purchased the tools or are currently trialing the tools and would like technical support. Contact the Arm Support team.

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