Setting up the Licence Server

If you have purchased a floating license for one or more of the Arm HPC tools, you must download, install, and run Arm Licence Server before running your licensed Arm tool.
Note: If you are evaluating the tools with a trials license, you do not need to install the license server. For more trials information, see how to setup your trials license.
Watch the tutorial video and refer to the user guide to learn how to set up Arm Licence Server for your floating licenses.

Download Arm Licence Server

Licence Server user guide

Licence server release history

Download Arm Licence Server from the downloads page. 

Arm Licence Server 18.1 and later

There are no new features in these releases.

Arm Licence Server 18.0

  • Update the tools branding, from Allinea Licence Server to Arm Licence Server.
  • Add support for Red Hat 7.4 and Ubuntu 16.04 on AArch64.
  • Update our EULA.

Licence Server 6.1.2

  • Rollup of previous bug fixes
  • Avoid checking for access rights for log files when these are not being used.

Licence Server 6.1

  • Licences are now tied to architectures. x86_64 and i686 are taken as defaults if no architectures are specified in the licence file. Customers with other architectures (such as BG/Q) will receive an updated licence file from their Allinea account manager. Please contact support if you require an updated licence and do not receive one.
  • Client that lose a connection are now logged as an INFO message.

Licence Server 6.0.2

  • Rollup of previous bug fixes
  • Log "Licence currently fully in use" messages again.

Licence Server 6.0.1

  • Rollup of previous bug fixes
  • Client connection being lost logged as INFO message.

Licence Server 6.0

  • Enhanced status page.
  • Extended user guide.

Licence Server 5.0.1

  • 5.0.1-41707: Allow floating licences to specify the ports available for use by Allinea Studio products.

Licence Server 5.0

  • Made Licence Server available for separate download.