Installing Arm Instruction Emulator

Follow these steps to download and install Arm Instruction Emulator.

Before you begin

  • Ensure that Environment Modules are installed on your machine, refer to Environment configuration for instructions on how to install them. 


  1. Download the appropriate Arm Instruction Emulator package for your Linux host platform.

  2. Extract the downloaded package:

    tar -xvf <package_name>

    replacing <package_name> with the full name of the downloaded package.

  3. Change to the package directory to see the extracted files:

    cd <package_name>
  4. Run the installation script as a privileged user:

    su root Password: ********

    By default, packages are unpacked to <install_dir>/opt/arm/<package_name>. Alternatively, use the --install-to option to specify the install location:

    ./<package_name>.sh --install-to <install_dir>

    This results in a user-only installation along with the relevant module files.

  5. The installer displays the EULA and prompts you to agree to the terms. To agree, type 'yes' at the prompt.
    For more information about the release contents, see the release notes, located in the /opt/arm/<package_name> directory.

  6. Next, configure your Linux environment:

    1. To see which Environment Modules are available, run:

      module avail

      Note: You might need to configure the MODULEPATH environment variable to include the installation directory:

      export MODULEPATH=$MODULEPATH:/opt/arm/modulefiles/
    2. Load the appropriate Arm Instruction Emulator module for the processors in your system, and for the compiler you are using:

      module load <architecture>/<linux_variant>/<linux_version>/suites/arm-instruction-emulator/<version>

      For example:

      module load Generic-AArch64/SUSE/12/suites/arm-instruction-emulator/20.0

      Tip: Add the module load command to your .profile to run it automatically every time you log in.

    3. Check your environment by examining the PATH variable. It should contain the appropriate Arm Instruction Emulator bin directory from /opt/arm.

      echo $PATH /opt/arm/arm-instruction-emulator-20.0_Generic-AArch64_SUSE-12_aarch64-linux/bin64:...

Uninstalling ArmIE:
To uninstall Arm Instruction Emulator, run the script, located in:

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