Reduce memory footprint and improve graphics performance

Compressing textures reduces the bandwidth usage required to load textures in graphics applications. The Mali GPU Texture Compression Tool enables you to compress individual textures or multiple textures, to improve performance and reduce power consumption.


Features & Benefits

Easily compress images using Mali Texture Compression Tool's user interface. Simply select your image then start the compression with the required compression options. Compare the original and compressed images, to evaluate the effect of the compression.

Mali Texture Compression Tool UI

ASTC Texture Compression

  • Compression of low dynamic range (LDR) and high dynamic range (HDR) textures into ASTC.
  • Compression of 3D textures.
  • Configure ASTC compression options.
  • Control compression time/quality trade off with exhaustive, thorough, medium, fast and very fast encoding speeds.
  • Automatic generation of mipmaps.

ASTC Evaluation Codec

The ASTC Evaluation Codec is a command-line executable that compresses and decompresses images using the Adaptive Scalable Texture Compression standard. This tool enables you to evaluate the impressive quality and size benefits offered by this texture compression format, in advance of it being available in GPU hardware.

ASTC Evaluation Codec

ETC1 / ETC2 / EAC Texture Compression

  • ETC2 – Support for multiple compression formats and bit depths.
  • Alpha channel and punch through alpha in ETC2.
  • Improved ETC1 compression speed of up to 600x compared to ETCPack at the same or better quality.
  • Output compressed mipmaps as either multiple PKM files or a single KTX file.
  • Automatic generation of mipmaps.
  • Optimize compression for either the lowest root mean square error, or for the lowest perceptual error.


  • Report the quality of compressed texture compared with the original texture in both RMSE (Root-mean-square error) and PSNR (Peak Signal-Noise ratio).

Image Handling

  • Handling of alpha channels in images to create texture atlases or separate compressed/uncompressed alpha channel textures
  • Support for compressing all common texture formats (bmp, jpeg, jpg, tga, bpm, pgm, png, ppm, psd, tiff, raw, xbm and many others supported by ImageMagick).


  • GUI for easy configuration and compression.
  • Command-line interface for easy integration with build systems and testing regression suites.
  • Compression configuration to control texture compression quality.
  • Ability to visually compare compressed textures with original textures.
  • Support for Windows, Linux & Mac OS X.