Debug and optimize mobile graphics with ease

The Arm Mobile Studio - Graphics Analyzer (formerly the Mali Graphics Debugger, MGD) allows app and game developers to easily trace OpenGL ES and Vulkan API calls in their application and understand frame-by-frame the effect on the application performance. The tool captures calls and state throughout the application, allowing the developer to easily identify bottlenecks and graphical defects and why they occur.

Get started with Graphics Analyzer

Full application API trace

Captures every graphics API call to make it easy to inspect what happened at any point in the application. OpenGL ES 2.0, 3.x, and Vulkan are supported.

Frame capture   

Renders the scene draw call by draw call to see exactly how a frame in the application is composed. This allows you to easily pinpoint any graphical defects in the application and to spot any redundant draw calls.

Target state debug

Records a complete history of all of the OpenGL ES state changes in the application. This makes it is easy to find out when API state changes occur and for users to debug graphics-based content.

Automatic shader analysis

Automatically runs all of the shaders in the application through the Mali Offline Compiler. This gives you full visibility of the true processing cost of each shader and its impact on game performance.

Scene Optimization

Working out the overdraw in a scene or how expensive a scene is can be time consuming. Arm Graphics Analyzer can help by providing you a version of your framebuffer that makes it easy to detect how much overdraw is in the scene. Also, the tool can estimate the cost of every shader in the scene giving a great starting point for optimization.

Virtual Reality

The two displays, high frame rate, and resolution needed for Virtual Reality make it extremely performance intensive. Arm Graphics Analyser automatically detects VR applications and knows the difference between a warp thread and the main application, allowing the user to pinpoint problems in their application easily.