Performance optimization for app and game developers 

Debug and optimize your Android game performance with Arm Mobile Studio. Easily detect bottlenecks on any Android device by visualizing all performance data in the system. The free-to-use Studio also provides graphics application tracing to determine exactly where rendering defects occur in your game or application. All of the Studio's components are designed to work on non-rooted systems, so setup is fast, and no system modification is required.

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Arm Mobile Studio 2019.2 now available

We are pleased to announce the release of Arm Mobile Studio 2019.2, which now includes the popular Mali Offline Compiler for shader profiling. We've added support for universal multi-core templates for profiling systems with the latest tri-cluster Arm CPU designs, and extended the event-based sampling (EBS) feature to support multi-cluster systems. This release also includes several usability improvements for a smoother experience when profiling graphics applications and shaders across Arm CPUs and Mali GPUs.

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Detect bottlenecks easily

Use Streamline Performance Analyzer to visualize all of the performance data in the system. Measure peaks in performance for the CPU, GPU and bandwidth and then see which code was being executed during that time.  

Integrate with popular game engines 

The suite provides optimization for developers using their own API and common game engines. We have worked with both Unity and Unreal to simplify the use of our tools in their game engines.  

Easy setup with non-root support 

All of the tools that are included with Arm Mobile Studio are designed to work on a non-rooted device. This enables all of the profiling and debugging functionality to be used without device modification. 

Identify graphics issues 

Use Graphics Analyzer to view all the graphics API calls in your application and identify rendering defects. This tool also uses the offline compiler to identify performance bottlenecks in your application.

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Capture a profile of how your game or app performs on your target device. Use interactive charts and data views to quickly determine whether your performance bottleneck relates to the CPU processing or GPU rendering.

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Graphics Analyzer

A graphics API tracing tool that supports OpenGL ES and Vulkan to show exactly what happened at any point in your application. Includes advanced frame analysis to pinpoint graphics defects and performance bottlenecks.

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Mali Offline Compiler

Mali Offline Compiler performance reports provide easy visibility of the expected performance and the likely performance bottlenecks of your shader programs on any of the available Mali GPU targets.

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Upgrading from DS-5 Community Edition?

The free edition of Streamline and Mali Graphics Debugger (now called Graphics Analyzer) are now delivered through Arm Mobile Studio, with additional support for applications built for 64-bit platforms and a new set of GPU analysis templates in Streamline, for the latest Bifrost GPUs. You can now also use Graphics Analyzer to debug apps targeted at non-Mali platforms. Check our supported devices page to see which platforms you can use.


Graphics developer guides

View the complete selection of developer guides including the Arm Guide for Unity Developers, OpenGL ES 3.0 and 3.1, OpenCL and the Mali GPU application optimization guide. Each guide contains a number of chapters walking you through an introduction before moving you on to advanced concepts.

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Arm provides further graphics solutions to help you to develop and analyze your software.

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