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If you use Arm Development Studio or Keil MDK, the development suite will install Arm Compiler.

Install Development Studio
Install Keil MDK

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Get the latest Arm Compiler from our Downloads Center and follow the instructions for updating Arm Compiler with your current development suite.

Update with Development Studio
Update with Keil MDK

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Easy to follow steps to configure Arm Compiler.

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Follow these steps to build your first ‘hello world’ program.

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How-to guides

Migrate from armcc

Read the Migration and Compatibility Guide and learn how to transition from a legacy Arm Compiler toolchain to armclang.

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Configure armclang behaviors

Learn about mandatory and commonly used options to control how armclang generates code for your application.

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Optimize your code

Use Arm Compiler options, pragmas, attributes, and coding techniques to optimize your code.

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Define a memory layout

Learn about placing code and data to map sections of an image to specific memory locations on a target.

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Understand diagnostic messages

Find solutions for investigating errors and warnings reported by armar, armasm, armlink, or fromelf.

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CMSIS with Arm Compiler

Get started with Cortex Microcontroller Software Interface Standard (CMSIS) with Arm Compiler, and accelerate Cortex-M software development.

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Include another binary

To create a single application or ROMable image, external binary files sometimes need to be included. Learn more about including another binary.

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Build a secure application

Use the Armv8-M Security Extensions to build a secure application with an interface that provides secure services to Non-secure applications.

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Find out what runs before main()

To validate your application startup sequence, learn about Arm C Library initialization functions.

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Arm Compilerdocumentation

Browse our documentation to learn about how to use Arm Compiler.

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Arm Compiler for Functional Safety documentation

Browse our documentation to learn about how to use Arm Compiler for Functional Safety.

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Supported Arm targets

Arm target support in the latest Arm Compiler 6

Architectures and Processors
Keil MDK Arm Development Studio
Lite Essential Plus Professional Bronze Silver Gold Platinum
Armv8-A up to 8.5-A Neoverse N1/E1



Yes Yes
Armv7-A Cortex-A17/15/12/9/8/7/5

Yes Yes Yes
Armv8-R Cortex-R52

Yes Yes
Armv7-R Cortex-R8/7/5

Yes Yes Yes

Yes Yes
Yes Yes Yes
Armv8-M Cortex-M35P/33/23
Non-secure only Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Armv7-M SC300

Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Cortex-M7/4/3 32Kb code limit Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Armv6-M SC000

Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Cortex-M1/0/0+ 32Kb code limit Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Arm architectures earlier than Armv6-M Unsupported, use Arm Compiler 5