Frequently asked questions about the Arm Support Hub

Arm has launched a Support Hub, which will make it easier for you to open and manage support cases
for technical problems or questions about your Arm IP.

See below the answers to some frequently asked questions about the new system.

  • How can I access the Support Hub?

    You can access the Support Hub from or by navigating to the Support section of the websites. You can also access the Support Hub directly with the URL

  • Will I need to re-register for the Support Hub?

    No, you will use the same Arm Account credentials to log on as before, so there is no need for you to re-register. If you have not registered before, you will need to enter your details to create an account.

  • Can I access cases opened in the old system?

    All your support cases from the old system have been migrated to the Support Hub. Note that they will have a new case reference, however existing links will redirect you to the case in the new system. You are also able to search for cases using the old case reference number in the Support Hub.

  • Can I still use email to raise a case and communicate with the Support team?

    You will continue to have the choice whether to use the Support Hub or email to interact with Arm on your support case. All our support email addresses will continue to work. However, we encourage you to raise your case initially on the Support Hub, as it will give you access to the knowledgebase as well as giving you a faster response time due to more accurate routing.

  • Why do emails from Arm show the full response now?

    All communication from our Application Engineers on your case is via email, and you will receive emails with the full written response. Therefore, the historical Arm Account notification preferences (full text, link only, or no email) no longer apply.

  • Can I add watchers to my cases?

    You can add other members of your organization to a case as ‘watchers’, and these watchers will be able to see the history of the case in the Support Hub. 

    If you add people from your organization to the To or CC of your email, they will be added as watchers on your support case, and they will also receive email updates. You can also add people from outside your organization as watchers. For security, people with a different email domain to yours will need to be added from within the watchers section of the Support Hub.

  • How can I remove watchers from my case?

    If you wish to remove watchers in the future, you can do this in the Support Hub. Note that removing somebody from the CC of an email will not remove them as watchers. 

  • How can I access cases I am watching?

    The ‘My Watched Cases’ tab in the Support Hub provides a list of all the cases for which you are a watcher. 

  • What permissions do watchers have on support cases?

    Watchers have full edit rights on support cases they are watching. For instance, watchers can correspond on the case, add additional watchers, stop watching, close a case, and complete the support survey. 

  • Do I need to provide the name of my product when opening a new support case?

    When opening a new support case, you should enter the name of your product to allow a quicker response. However, if a match is not found, then you are able to describe the product in your own words.

  • Where can I see updates on my case?

    The ‘Feed’ section of the Support Hub will show all activity on the case, and you can sort this by ‘Most Recent Activity’. Any activity on the case, including emails or attachments, will show up in the timeline history. To quickly find and view these separately, you can use the ‘Emails’ and ‘Attachments’ tabs next to 'Feed'. 

  • What attachments can I upload to my support case?

    Once you have opened your support case, you can upload attachments of up to 5GB in size. There is no restriction on file type, so you can upload whatever file you would like to share with the Arm Engineer working on your case. 

  • Can I add rich text, inline images and code snippets?

    On the ‘Case Details’ page you can share an update on your case in the 'Post' section. This supports rich text, inline images, and code snippets. 

  • What is the Customer Reference field for?

    On the 'Case Details' page there is a new 'Customer Reference' field, where you can add your project, business unit or other useful information to help organize cases. You can use this reference to search for cases more easily using the 'Search cases' bar in the page header. 

  • How can I change my time zone?

    There is not currently a way for you to change your location and time zone settings in the Support Hub. You will notice that timestamps against support cases in your list views display in GMT-7. 

  • Should I close my case when my question is answered?

    Once you have received an answer on your case which you are happy with, you can close the case using the button at the top of the case details page.

    Once a case is closed in the Support Hub, a survey will be displayed asking for your feedback. Give us as much information as you can about how your case was handled, so that we can use your feedback to improve our service in the future. 

  • Is it possible to reopen closed cases?

    At any time you can reopen a closed case, and doing so will put the status of the case back to ‘In Progress’. It is also possible to reopen a support case by replying to any of the emails received about the case. 

  • How can I provide feedback on the new Support Hub?

    Use the feedback button on the Support Hub. When providing feedback about individual cases, include the case number in your feedback. You can also provide contact details if you would like a direct response.