Drone IO is an industry leading container-native CI/CD platform available on both Arm and Arm64

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Written in Go and offered for free to open source projects, Drone supports native builds on AArch64, free cloud-based CI-as-Service (CIaaS), and self-hosted on-prem options for community and enterprise.


Big cloud and small cloud.


Drone Cloud is free for open source projects. This service enables software developers to test their GitHub projects for multi-architecture on bare metal servers in the cloud, without having to manage their own.

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There are hundreds of open source projects that Drone has helped over the years. These services have helped developers to improve their support for the Arm architecture through continuous testing and more. Some notable projects include Fluentd, Rancher, Grafana, OwnCloud, and Alpine Linux.

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Developers have a wide variety of hardware and software options, including support for multiple operating systems, architectures, and seamless integrations with major SCMs.

Also, because of their container-native model, Drone supports limitless languages, if they can run inside of a Docker container.