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There is an incredible business opportunity for Internet of Things and cloud service companies given the explosion of massive amounts of real-world data produced by a new generation of smart devices, machines, and sensors. However, it is also creating an incredible headache. To truly take advantage of the opportunities, data needs to be securely and agilely managed, analyzed and acted upon, as close to the data source as possible since 95% data doesn’t make it to the cloud. Latency, resilience, security and network cost are tough challenges to overcome.

Virtuosys’ Revolutionary Edge Application Platform is a complete end-to-end hardware and software solution that not only brings high performance distributed computing close to the edge, but is designed to support multiple applications running simultaneously. This highly secure, easy-to-deploy, self-healing platform brings together distributed computing, state-of-the-art communications and a virtualized application environment, creating a hyper-converged edge that gives you a price-performance advantage. Virtuosys can be deployed for industrial Internet of Things, retail, smart city and consumer applications. In every situation, the Virtuosys platform gives customers a competitive edge in things that matter: performance, security, resilience and cost.

Features and Benefits of Virtuosys

  • Breakthrough vMeshTM Technology - Like no other mesh network, in that it facilitates communication between each edge node and the cloud, while also distributing computing power and capacity across the coverage area along the edge.
  • Distributed Intelligence - Improves user experience, enables local decision making, lowers latency, reduces costs and enhances security.
  • Homogenous Software Architecture - Eases application deployment, migration and management.
  • Centralised and Local Management - Easy, secure deployment, operational handling and analytics.
  • Authentication and Secure Communications - Joins the network with end-to-end security from end point to the cloud.
  • Open Development Architecture - Allows third party developers to create applications.