Titan IC

Titan IC lead the way in delivering accelerated search and analytics within high-speed networks and big data worldwide.

The company’s core technology, RXP, is regarded as the industry-standard for high-speed complex pattern matching, real-time data inspection and the detection of strings, keywords and malware using regular expressions (RegEx). Licensed internationally for ASIC, SoC and FPGA designs, RXP can be found in the products of many leading vendors within the semiconductor, cybersecurity, government and data analytics markets.


  • RXP for ARM - Soft IP for ARM-based ASIC and System on Chip (SoC).
  • RXP Accelerator Card (Hyperion)- PCIe accelerator cards available for evaluation / development and instant integration.
  • RXP for AWS – Cloud-based FPGA image to enable development / evaluation of RXP technology on Amazon Web Services.


  • Accelerated Throughput - perform complex data searches at speeds up to 200Gb/s.
  • In-depth Packet Inspection - complex and comprehensive pattern matching.
  • High Capacity Content Analysis - supports up to 1M RegEx rules using external DDR3/4.
  • CPU Offload - offload of data analytic functions from host CPU freeing up CPU cores and saving costs.
  • High Throughput Performance per Watt – reduced heat dissipation and operating costs.
  • Easy Compatibility - supports POSIX/PCRE compatible regular expressions to detect malware, enforce blacklists and run Snort or customer-defined RegEx datasets.
  • Engineering Efficiency - Supplied as a silicon IP block, reducing engineering effort, costs and time-to-market.