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Telco Systems

Established in 1972, Telco Systems is a market leader, designing and delivering advanced, high-performance networking solutions to mobile operators, metro carriers, and network service providers.

The company leads the telecom market virtualization revolution, providing NFV, SDN, vCPE, Carrier Ethernet (CE), MPLS, and Layer-2 and Layer 3 field-proven solutions, all managed by advanced orchestration solutions.

Based on its NFVTime portfolio, Telco Systems helps service providers (SP) and enterprises to leverage NFV to increase revenues from managed services and offer agile innovative services.

NFVTime Turn Key vCPE Solution Suite

NFVTime is an open and neutral full NFV service environment that allows telecom service providers and network integrators a smooth launch path to NFV services. With NFVTime, SPs will easily provide their customers multiple managed, on-demand, business services that scale and grow with their needs. 

Operators can now choose any Arm or x86 hardware to deploy multiple, tested, preconfigured, and automatically provisioned VNF’s, and start providing rich carrier grade services - fast and simple. 

NFVTime suite components include:



The NFVi OS that turns any Arm or x86 device into a carrier class vCPE. 

The heart of NFVTime is an open source, thin, and robust NFVi-OS that turns any Arm or x86 device, low or high resources, to a fully operational vCPE. With a very low system footprint and design optimized to extract superior performance from Arm and Intel processors, it is the perfect solution for operators seeking to rapidly deploy end-to-end, carrier-class networking solution for business or metro environments.


Central management, control, and provisioning server for carrier and enterprise NFV deployments.

Telco Systems’ NFVTime-Central is a complete remote management and control system for modern NFV edge deployments. It provides Zero Touch Provisioning, Disaster Recovery (Backup/Restore), and vCPE Controller for devices and services deployed with the NFVTime solution. It is natively integrated with Telco Systems CloudMetro™ 10/100 vCPE (Integrated CE NID and x86), Verge 100/200/300 vCPE (pure Arm or x86 platform), and third party certified White Boxes (bring your own device business model for Arm and x86 platforms), all based on NFVTime-OS, a robust, open source, comprehensive NFVi-OS.


A cost-effective family of pre-configured, zero setup, Arm and x86 vCPEs, vRouters, vFirewalls and SD-WANs, capable of running any additional VNF service.

Based on the light and open Telco Systems’ NFVTime-OS, the NFVTime-Verge portfolio now introduces a high-performance array of preconfigured and integrated vRouter, vFirewall, and SD-WAN business solutions that are flexible and scalable to provide all vCPE capabilities and a full range of VNF services from NFVTime-Alliance wide partner ecosystem. NFVTime-Verge portfolio provides out-of-the-box high-performance functionality and maintains openness of the vCPE to remotely accept any additional VNF service, whether provided by Telco Systems or a third party solution provider.