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SUSE®, a Micro Focus company, provides and supports enterprise-grade Linux® and open-source solutions with exceptional service, value, and flexibility. With partners and communities, we innovate, adapt, and deliver secure Linux, cloud infrastructure and storage software to create solutions for mixed enterprise IT environments. We help customers harness the benefits and power of an open enterprise that can empower their possibilities.


“SUSE has been at the forefront of technology innovation for years, including the recent release of SUSE Linux Enterprise Server as the first commercially supported Enterprise Linux for 64-bit Arm. It powers platforms as small as the Raspberry Pi 3 to powerful enterprise platforms from major Arm SoC partners. As an enterprise-focused ‘open’ open source company, we are heavily involved in the rapid evolution to software-defined infrastructure our partners and customers are undergoing on a variety of platforms, including Arm. SUSE is pleased to participate as a Charter member of the Arm Cloud Developer Network and collaborate with other ecosystem partners on accelerating adoption and deployment on Arm.”

Dr. Thomas Di Giacomo, CTO at SUSE


Enterprise Linux Solutions

SUSE Linux Enterprise Server

SUSE powers some of the most reliable, efficient, cost-effective servers and software infrastructure available. Award-winning support and extensive open-source technology make it ideal for mixed IT environments and a variety of enterprise use cases. Whether running business-critical applications, high-performance computing (HPC), or cloud-native applications on leading public cloud platforms, you can depend on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server to provide performance, reliability, and availability to keep your business running.

SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for Arm

This is the first generally available commercial Enterprise Linux for Arm AArch64 architecture which runs with leading-edge server and network infrastructure hardware to enable the full benefits of the latest technology, including performance and improved power efficiency, from Arm’s low power consumption and efficient designs.

Key features:

  • Support for a broad set of Armv8-A processors.
  • Advanced tools to develop and package 64-bit Arm solutions.
  • Optimization for Arm System-on-a-Chip features like storage, networking, and HPC.
  • Enablement for Arm ecosystem security mechanisms.
  • SUSE Premium Support services options.

Cloud, Storage, and Systems Management Solutions

Public Cloud

SUSE solutions in the public cloud, from SUSE Linux Enterprise Server and SUSE Manager, to a variety of enterprise Linux offerings, are engineered to extend the best-in-class SUSE open-source enterprise solutions to the delivery model that accelerates innovation at global scale. Combine enterprise open source solutions with the industry-leading, hyper-scale, public cloud platforms that have the services that developers want to use such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Compute Engine.

Private Cloud

SUSE OpenStack Cloud is the enterprise-ready, open-source private cloud for improved agility, innovation, and faster time-to-value to conquer today’s competitive market and business challenges. It’s the production-ready OpenStack platform for bare metal, virtualized, or cloud-native applications, as well as hosting or migrating traditional or business-critical workloads.

Software Defined Storage

SUSE Enterprise Storage is the award-winning, intelligent, software-defined storage solution, powered by Ceph technology, that transforms enterprise storage infrastructure to reduce costs while providing unlimited scalability. SUSE Enterprise Storage provides self-managing and self-healing with algorithms that store data in a highly distributed manner. It continuously monitors data utilization and re-balances data placement. This means it can optimize system performance without the need for teams of administrators to constantly monitor and manage the storage.

Systems Management

SUSE Manager allows enterprise IT organizations to optimize their operations and reduce costs. With SUSE Manager, IT administrators can automate their Linux server provisioning, patching, and configuration for faster, consistent and repeatable server deployments. Reduce complexity and regain control of your IT assets with a single tool to manage Linux systems across a variety of hardware architectures, hypervisors, and cloud platforms using SUSE Manager.