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GIGABYTE worked with leading chipset vendors to drive the Arm-based server ecosystem and bring the first Arm-v8 64 bit server CPU to the mass market.

GIGABYTE Server supplies the most competitive, precision-engineered servers on the market. With almost 20 years' track record of working closely with the biggest names in the data center industry, GIGABYTE has built extensive experience in developing leading-edge technology products for diverse market segments. GIGABYTE’s motherboard design background provides the base that has enabled us to continually create innovative and highly competitive products for the server industry. From strict component selection to a focus on designing to market requirements, GIGABYTE demands and achieves the highest product quality standards. GIGABYTE’s consistently low return rates are a testament to the durability of its products. We also focus on offering distinctive configurations and features, all at solid price-performance ratios. At the core of all of this is GIGABYTE’s solid brand reputation and global presence. These are some of the many reasons our customers continue to return to us and we continue to comprehensively support the ever-increasing demands of today’s server market.

"The momentum for Arm-based servers is building and the new range of server products from GIGABYTE and Cavium enhances choice for companies seeking to match compute needs with the most energy-efficient and cost-effective solutions.

"GIGABYTE is the perfect partner to showcase the breadth of ThunderX-based workload-optimized server platforms delivering the flexibility and performance required for next generation cloud data centers."

"These new, scalable servers serve as an excellent example of the technical innovation and standardization efforts within the growing Arm ecosystem."

Quotes from Arm, Cavium and Red Hat


GIGABYTE and Cavium worked effectively together to bring disruptive production-ready server platforms to the market. These systems deliver a more compelling TCO than incumbent x86 solutions and are optimized for key data center workloads required by cloud providers and telco data centers.


  • Highly integrated I/O capability with up to 160Gb of I/O bandwidth.
  • Best-in-class performance per watt and performance per dollar for storage and compute applications.
  • Solutions from cost-focused entry-level solutions to high-density storage and compute-focused platforms. 
  • The first dual-socket Arm SoC architecture scalable to 48 cores per processor with up to 2.0 GHz core frequency.