Clavister is a leading European cybersecurity vendor with over 20 years of experience. Seated in Sweden, the company has customers-communication service providers, governments, enterprises and managed security service providers (MSSPs), in more than 150 countries. Clavister provides unique security solutions to protect their digital assets and secure business continuity. The company is, since 2014, listed on Nasdaq First North.

Highlights of products

Clavister offers a complete framework of innovative products and solutions for a robust  or robust 21st century cybersecurity, covering network, end points, secure access to the cloud, identify of users accessing the network, applications and information systems. On top, management and analytics tools to keep abreast of the threats to protect your business’s operational excellence.

By deploying Clavister’s innovative security framework solutions, that work hand in hand with each other, you will create an umbrella of cybersecurity: connecting business locations to each other and to the internet with focus on security and reliability. Inspecting traffic and behavior of traffic for threats in order to protect your digital assets. And enabling preventative security measures and rules that can reduce the risk of users making mistakes to threaten or compromise the digital perimeter of your business.


  •  Network Security: Clavister NetWall, Clavister NetShield, Clavister NetEye
  • Identity & Access Management: Clavister EasyAccess, Clavister EasyPassword
  • Device Security: Clavister OneConnect, Clavister EndPoint Security Client
  • Management and Security Analytics: Clavister InControl, Clavister InCenter