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Cavium, Inc. offers a broad portfolio of infrastructure solutions for compute, security, storage, switching, connectivity, and baseband processing. Cavium’s highly integrated multi-core SoC products deliver software-compatible solutions across all performance levels to enable secure and intelligent functionality in enterprise, data center, and service provider equipment. Cavium processors and solutions are supported by an extensive ecosystem of operating systems, tools, application stacks, hardware reference designs, and other products. Cavium is headquartered in San Jose, CA with design centers in California, Massachusetts, India, Israel, China, and Taiwan.


The ThunderX® and ThunderX2® product families provide the best-in-class 64-bit Armv8 Data Center and Cloud Processors, offering an unprecedented level of integration and industry-leading SoC performance. These high performance custom cores provide:

  •  Single and dual socket configurations
  •  Very high memory bandwidth
  •  Large memory capacity
  •  Integrated hardware accelerators
  •  Fully virtualized core and IO
  •  Scalable Ethernet fabric
  •  Feature rich I/Os

These features enable best-in-class performance/$ and performance/watt.

The ThunderX and ThunderX2 families include Workload Optimized SKUs that enable servers and appliances optimized for compute, storage, network and secure compute workloads in the cloud. They are fully compliant with Armv8 architecture specifications as well as Arm’s SBSA.

Cavium's ThunderX SoC family is supported by a comprehensive software ecosystem ranging from platform-level systems management and firmware to commercial Operating Systems, Development Environments and Applications. Cavium has actively engaged in server industry standards groups such as UEFI and delivered numerous reference platforms to a broad array of community and corporate partners. Cavium has also demonstrated its leadership role in the Open Source software community driving upstream kernel enablement for ThunderX, actively contributing to Linaro's Enterprise and Networking Groups, investing in key Linux Foundation projects such as Xen and OPNFV, and sponsoring the FreeBSD Foundation's Armv8 server implementation.

The OCTEON TX® CN80XX/CN81XX families of Multi-Core Processors target SMB and entry-level Enterprise platforms for networking and storage including:

  • Service Provider Gateways
  • Switches
  • Controllers
  • Routers
  • Security Appliances
  • Network Attached Storage (NAS)
  • Mainstream Control Plane
  • Enterprise WLAN Access Points
  • Industrial, Military and Aerospace

The families include four software and pin-compatible processors, with one to four 64-bit Armv8 cores on a highly-integrated SoC. These systems include a rich set of I/Os including 9 x GbE controllers, 8 x 10GbE controller, PCIe Gen3, USB 3.0, and SATA 3.0 along with Cavium’s most advanced networking and security application hardware acceleration.