Arm HPC Systems - Examples

The following are just some of the HPC systems using Arm chips.

A server (Mont Blanc Prototype).

Mont Blanc - Barcelona Supercomputer Centre, Spain

Funded through a succession of EU grants the Mont Blanc project aims to:

  • develop a full energy-efficient HPC prototype using low-power commercially available embedded technology
  • develop a portfolio of exascale applications to be run on this new generation of HPC systems
  • design a next-generation HPC system together with a range of embedded technologies in order to overcome the limitations identified in the prototype system

Prototype operational:

  • 8 standard BullX chassis, 72 compute blades, 1080 compute cards, 2160 Arm Cortex-A15 processors, 1080 Arm Mali-T604 GPUs.
  • 11 scientific applications ported and in use for evaluation of the prototype.
  • Research ongoing into areas such as memory, on-chip and off-chip interconnect and compute acceleration

Using processors taken from tablets used in 2012 this prototype achieves a performance of 35TFLOPs/s from only 24kW.  This gives a performance:power ratio of 1500 MFLOPs/Watt, which compares favourably with the Green 500 number one in 2012.

Asian Cat - Hartree Centre, UK

The Energy Efficient Computing Research Programme has been established through a £19M capital grant from the Department of Business Innovation and Skills to establish a centre of best practice in the UK that will enable users of computer systems to achieve the same outcomes while minimising the consumption of energy.

Lenovo are supplying a NeXtScale system: 2304 64-bit Cavium ThunderX Arm cores in 12U.

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