Corstone-101 reference design subsystem

Reference design subsystem and system IP for building secure System on Chips

The Arm Corstone-101 offers a flexible subsystem and system IP to help build secure System on Chips (SoCs).

The Arm Corstone-101 supersedes the Corstone-100, bringing together the subsystem and system IP of Corstone-100 and adding the latest flash controller IP from Arm. The flash controller IP, which Arm has named the Arm CoreLink GFC-100 Generic Flash Controller, is compliant with the AMBA Generic Flash Bus Protocol Specification and eases development of your next SoC for IoT and automotive applications.


The Corstone-101 combines software and hardware components for Cortex-M based designs.
Components include:

Cortex-M System Design Kit
The Cortex-M System Design Kit (CMSDK) includes many components, such as the multi-layer AHB generator, bridges, adaptors and controllers, offering a reliable and efficient way to connect your system. The CMSDK package includes a few system examples to inspire your future design.

CoreLink GFC-100
A generic flash Controller IP enabling process portability. It is also is in line with the AMBA Generic Flash Bus Protocol Specification.

AHB Flash Cache
To get the most of Flash-based systems (either with embedded Flash or external Flash), an efficient cache system is necessary. Within a compact area, this block significantly improves performance and power consumption of your SoC.

Real-Time Clock
A Real-Time Clock (RTC) for applications that must maintain a time base, which is likely to be the case for all embedded applications.

True Random Number Generator
The True Random Number Generator (TRNG) is the minimum element that you must integrate into a device to ensure a strong security foundation.