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Defined in rt_sys.h, the _sys_read() function reads the contents of a file into a buffer.


int _sys_read(FILEHANDLE fh, unsigned char *buf, unsigned len, int mode);


The mode parameter is here for historical reasons. It contains nothing useful and must be ignored.


The return value is one of the following:

  • The number of bytes not read (that is, len minus the number of bytes that were read).

  • An error indication.

  • An EOF indicator. The EOF indication involves the setting of 0x80000000 in the normal result.

Reading up to and including the last byte of data does not turn on the EOF indicator. The EOF indicator is only reached when an attempt is made to read beyond the last byte of data. The target-independent code is capable of handling:

  • The EOF indicator being returned in the same read as the remaining bytes of data that precede the EOF.

  • The EOF indicator being returned on its own after the remaining bytes of data have been returned in a previous read.