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Defined in rt_misc.h, the __rt_raise() function raises a signal to indicate a runtime anomaly.

This function is not part of the C library standard, but the ARM® C library supports it as an extension.


void __rt_raise(int signal, intptr_t type);



is an integer that holds the signal number.


is an integer, string constant or variable that provides additional information about the circumstances that the signal was raised in, for some kinds of signal.


Redefine this function to replace the entire signal handling mechanism for the library. The default implementation calls __raise().

Depending on the value returned from __raise():

no return

The handler performed a long jump or restart and __rt_raise() does not regain control.


The signal was handled and __rt_raise() exits.


The default library implementation calls _sys_exit(rc) if __raise() returns a nonzero return code rc.