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List of other error and warning messages

A list of the error and warning messages that any of the tools in the ARM Compiler toolchain produce.


When the message is displayed, the X prefixing the message number is replaced by an appropriate letter relating to the tool. For example, the code X3900U is displayed as L3900U by the linker when you have specified an unrecognized option.

X3900U: Unrecognized option '<dashes><option>'.

<option> is not recognized by the tool. This could be because of a spelling error or the use of an unsupported abbreviation of an option.

X3901U: Missing argument for option '<option>'.
X3902U: Recursive via file inclusion depth of <limit> reached in file '<file>'.
X3903U: Argument '<argument>' not permitted for option '<option>'.

Possible reasons include malformed integers or unknown arguments.

X3904U: Could not open via file '<file>'.
X3905U: Error when reading from via file '<file>'.
X3906U: Malformed via file '<file>'.
X3907U: Via file '<file>' command too long for buffer.
X3908U: Overflow: '<string>' will not fit in an integer.
X3910W: Old syntax, please use '<hyphens><option><separator><parameter>'.
X3912W: Option '<option>' is deprecated.
X3913W: Could not close via file '<file>'.
X3915W: Argument '<argument>' to option '<option>' is deprecated
X3916U: Unexpected argument for option '<dashes><option>'
X3917U: Concatenated options cannot have arguments: -<option> <arg>
X9905E: cannot use --apcs=/hardfp without floating point hardware
X9906E: cannot use --apcs=/hardfp with fpu <fpu_option>
X9907E: unable to select no floating point support
X9908E: --fpmode=none overrides --fpu choice