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ARM Compiler armar User Guide : file_list


A space-separated list of ELF-compliant files, such as ELF objects and ELF libraries.


Each file must be fully specified by its path and name. The path can be absolute, relative to drive and root, or relative to the current directory.


The list of files must be specified after the library file.

Only the filename at the end of the path is used when comparing against the names of files in the library. If two or more path operands end with the same filename, the results are unspecified. You can use the wild characters * and ? to specify files.

If one of the files is a library, armar copies all members from the input library to the destination library. The order of members on the command line is preserved. Therefore, supplying a library file is logically equivalent to supplying all of its members in the order that they are stored in the library.