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ARM Compiler armlink User Guide : input-file-list


space-separated list of objects, libraries, or symbol definitions (symdefs) files.


The linker sorts through the input file list in order. If the linker is unable to resolve input file problems then a diagnostic message is produced.

The symdefs files can be included in the list to provide global symbol addresses for previously generated image files.

You can use libraries in the input file list in the following ways:

  • Specify a library to be added to the list of libraries that the linker uses to extract members if they resolve any non weak unresolved references. For example, specify mystring.lib in the input file list.


    Members from the libraries in this list are added to the image only when they resolve an unresolved non weak reference.
  • Specify particular members to be extracted from a library and added to the image as individual objects. Members are selected from a comma separated list of patterns that can include wild characters. Spaces are permitted but if you use them you must enclose the whole input file list in quotes.

    The following shows an example of an input file list both with and without spaces:


    “mystring.lib(strcmp.o, std*.o)”

The linker automatically searches the appropriate C and C++ libraries to select the best standard functions for your image. You can use --no_scanlib to prevent automatic searching of the standard system libraries.

The linker processes the input file list in the following order:

  1. Objects are added to the image unconditionally.
  2. Members selected from libraries using patterns are added to the image unconditionally, as if they are objects. For example, to add all a*.o objects and stdio.o from mystring.lib use the following:

    "mystring.lib(stdio.o, a*.o)"
  3. Library files listed on the command-line are searched for any unresolved non-weak references. The standard C or C++ libraries are added to the list of libraries that the linker later uses to resolve any remaining references.