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ARM Compiler armlink User Guide : --preinit, --no_preinit

--preinit, --no_preinit

Enables the linker to use a different image pre-initialization routine if required.



If --preinit=symbol is not specified then the default symbol __arm_preinit_ is assumed.

--no_preinit does not take a symbol argument.


The linker adds a non-weak reference to symbol if a .preinit_array section is detected.

For --preinit=__arm_preinit_ or --cppinit=__cpp_initialize_aeabi_, the linker processes R_ARM_TARGET1 relocations as R_ARM_REL32, because this is required by the __arm_preinit and __cpp_initialize_aeabi_ functions. In all other cases R_ARM_TARGET1 relocations are processes as R_ARM_ABS32.