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ARM Compiler armlink User Guide : --load_addr_map_info, --no_load_addr_map_info

--load_addr_map_info, --no_load_addr_map_info

Includes the load addresses for execution regions and the input sections within them in the map file.


If an input section is compressed, then the load address has no meaning and COMPRESSED is displayed instead.

For sections that do not have a load address, such as ZI data, the load address is blank


The default is --no_load_addr_map_info.


You must use --map with this option.


The following example shows the format of the map file output:

    Base Addr    Load Addr    Size         Type   Attr      Idx    E Section Name        Object
    0x00008000   0x00008000   0x00000008   Code   RO           25  * !!!main             __main.o(c_4.l)
    0x00010000   COMPRESSED   0x00001000   Data   RW            2    dataA               data.o
    0x00003000        -       0x00000004   Zero   RW            2    .bss                test.o

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