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armasm command-line syntax

You can use a command line to invoke armasm. You must specify an input source file and you can specify various options.

The command for invoking the assembler is:

armasm {options} inputfile


are commands that instruct the assembler how to assemble the inputfile. You can invoke armasm with any combination of options separated by spaces. You can specify values for some options. To specify a value for an option, use either '=' (option=value) or a space character (option value).

is an assembly source file. It must contain UAL, pre-UAL A32 or T32, or A64 assembly language.

The assembler command line is case-insensitive, except in filenames and where specified. The assembler uses the same command-line ordering rules as the compiler. This means that if the command line contains options that conflict with each other, then the last option found always takes precedence.