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VSHLL (by immediate)

Vector Shift Left Long.


VSHLL{cond}.datatype Qd, Dm, #imm



is an optional condition code.


must be one of S8, S16, S32, U8, U16, or U32.

Qd, Dm

are the destination and operand vectors, for a long operation.


is the immediate value specifying the size of the shift. The ranges are shown in the following table:

Table 14-21 Available immediate ranges in VSHLL (by immediate)

datatype imm range
S8 or U8 1 to 8
S16 or U16 1 to 16
S32 or U32 1 to 32

0 is permitted, but the resulting code disassembles to VMOVL.


VSHLL takes each element in a vector of integers, left shifts them by an immediate value, and places the results in the destination vector. Values are sign or zero extended.