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STRH (immediate)

Store Register Halfword (immediate).


STRH Wt, [Xn|SP], #simm ; Post-index general registers

STRH Wt, [Xn|SP, #simm]! ; Pre-index general registers

STRH Wt, [Xn|SP{, #pimm}] ; Unsigned offset general registers


Is the signed immediate byte offset, in the range -256 to 255.
Is the optional positive immediate byte offset, a multiple of 2 in the range 0 to 8190, defaulting to 0.
Is the 32-bit name of the general-purpose register to be transferred.
Is the 64-bit name of the general-purpose base register or stack pointer.


Store Register Halfword (immediate) stores the least significant halfword of a 32-bit register to memory. The address that is used for the store is calculated from a base register and an immediate offset. For information about memory accesses, see Load/Store addressing modes in the ARMv8-A Architecture Reference Manual.


For information about the constrained unpredictable behavior of this instruction, see Architectural Constraints on UNPREDICTABLE behaviors in the ARMv8-A Architecture Reference Manual, and particularly STRH (immediate) in the ARMv8-A Architecture Reference Manual.