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A32 and T32 instruction summary

An overview of the instructions available in the A32 and T32 instruction sets.

Table 13-1 Summary of instructions

Mnemonic Brief description
ADC, ADD Add with Carry, Add
ADR Load program or register-relative address (short range)
ADRL pseudo-instruction Load program or register-relative address (medium range)
AND Logical AND
ASR Arithmetic Shift Right
B Branch
BFC, BFI Bit Field Clear and Insert
BIC Bit Clear
BKPT Software breakpoint
BL Branch with Link
BLX, BLXNS Branch with Link, change instruction set, Branch with Link and Exchange (Non-secure)
BX, BXNS Branch, change instruction set, Branch and Exchange (Non-secure)
CBZ, CBNZ Compare and Branch if {Non}Zero
CDP Coprocessor Data Processing operation
CDP2 Coprocessor Data Processing operation
CLREX Clear Exclusive
CLZ Count leading zeros
CMN, CMP Compare Negative, Compare
CPS Change Processor State
CPY pseudo-instruction Copy
DBG Debug
DCPS1 Debug switch to exception level 1
DCPS2 Debug switch to exception level 2
DCPS3 Debug switch to exception level 3
DMB, DSB Data Memory Barrier, Data Synchronization Barrier
DSB Data Synchronization Barrier
EOR Exclusive OR
ERET Exception Return
ESB Error Synchronization Barrier
HLT Halting breakpoint
HVC Hypervisor Call
ISB Instruction Synchronization Barrier
IT If-Then
LDAEX, LDAEXB, LDAEXH, LDAEXD Load-Acquire Register Exclusive Word, Byte, Halfword, Doubleword
LDC, LDC2 Load Coprocessor
LDM Load Multiple registers
LDR Load Register with word
LDR pseudo-instruction Load Register pseudo-instruction
LDA, LDAB, LDAH Load-Acquire Register Word, Byte, Halfword
LDRB Load Register with Byte
LDRBT Load Register with Byte, user mode
LDRD Load Registers with two words
LDREX, LDREXB, LDREXH, LDREXD Load Register Exclusive Word, Byte, Halfword, Doubleword
LDRH Load Register with Halfword
LDRHT Load Register with Halfword, user mode
LDRSB Load Register with Signed Byte
LDRSBT Load Register with Signed Byte, user mode
LDRSH Load Register with Signed Halfword
LDRSHT Load Register with Signed Halfword, user mode
LDRT Load Register with word, user mode
LSL, LSR Logical Shift Left, Logical Shift Right
MCR Move from Register to Coprocessor
MCRR Move from Registers to Coprocessor
MLA Multiply Accumulate
MLS Multiply and Subtract
MOV Move
MOVT Move Top
MOV32 pseudo-instruction Move 32-bit immediate to register
MRC Move from Coprocessor to Register
MRRC Move from Coprocessor to Registers
MRS Move from PSR to Register
MRS pseudo-instruction Move from system Coprocessor to Register
MSR Move from Register to PSR
MSR pseudo-instruction Move from Register to system Coprocessor
MUL Multiply
MVN Move Not
NEG pseudo-instruction Negate
NOP No Operation
ORN Logical OR NOT
ORR Logical OR
PKHBT, PKHTB Pack Halfwords
PLD Preload Data
PLDW Preload Data with intent to Write
PLI Preload Instruction
PUSH, POP PUSH registers to stack, POP registers from stack
QADD, QDADD, QDSUB, QSUB Saturating arithmetic
QADD8, QADD16, QASX, QSUB8, QSUB16, QSAX Parallel signed saturating arithmetic
RBIT Reverse Bits
REV, REV16, REVSH Reverse byte order
RFE Return From Exception
ROR Rotate Right Register
RRX Rotate Right with Extend
RSB Reverse Subtract
RSC Reverse Subtract with Carry
SADD8, SADD16, SASX Parallel Signed arithmetic
SBC Subtract with Carry
SBFX, UBFX Signed, Unsigned Bit Field eXtract
SDIV Signed Divide
SEL Select bytes according to APSR GE flags
SETEND Set Endianness for memory accesses
SETPAN Set Privileged Access Never
SEV Set Event
SEVL Set Event Locally
SG Secure Gateway
SHADD8, SHADD16, SHASX, SHSUB8, SHSUB16, SHSAX Parallel Signed Halving arithmetic
SMC Secure Monitor Call
SMLAxy Signed Multiply with Accumulate (32 <= 16 x 16 + 32)
SMLAD Dual Signed Multiply Accumulate
  (32 <= 32 + 16 x 16 + 16 x 16)
SMLAL Signed Multiply Accumulate (64 <= 64 + 32 x 32)
SMLALxy Signed Multiply Accumulate (64 <= 64 + 16 x 16)
SMLALD Dual Signed Multiply Accumulate Long
  (64 <= 64 + 16 x 16 + 16 x 16)
SMLAWy Signed Multiply with Accumulate (32 <= 32 x 16 + 32)
SMLSD Dual Signed Multiply Subtract Accumulate
  (32 <= 32 + 16 x 16 - 16 x 16)
SMLSLD Dual Signed Multiply Subtract Accumulate Long
  (64 <= 64 + 16 x 16 - 16 x 16)
SMMLA Signed top word Multiply with Accumulate (32 <= TopWord(32 x 32 + 32))
SMMLS Signed top word Multiply with Subtract (32 <= TopWord(32 - 32 x 32))
SMMUL Signed top word Multiply (32 <= TopWord(32 x 32))
SMUAD, SMUSD Dual Signed Multiply, and Add or Subtract products
SMULxy Signed Multiply (32 <= 16 x 16)
SMULL Signed Multiply (64 <= 32 x 32)
SMULWy Signed Multiply (32 <= 32 x 16)
SRS Store Return State
SSAT Signed Saturate
SSAT16 Signed Saturate, parallel halfwords
SSUB8, SSUB16, SSAX Parallel Signed arithmetic
STC Store Coprocessor
STM Store Multiple registers
STR Store Register with word
STRB Store Register with Byte
STRBT Store Register with Byte, user mode
STRD Store Registers with two words
STREX, STREXB, STREXH,STREXD Store Register Exclusive Word, Byte, Halfword, Doubleword
STRH Store Register with Halfword
STRHT Store Register with Halfword, user mode
STL, STLB, STLH Store-Release Word, Byte, Halfword
STLEX, STLEXB, STLEXH, STLEXD Store-Release Exclusive Word, Byte, Halfword, Doubleword
STRT Store Register with word, user mode
SUB Subtract
SUBS pc, lr Exception return, no stack
SVC (formerly SWI) Supervisor Call
SXTAB, SXTAB16, SXTAH Signed extend, with Addition
SXTB, SXTH Signed extend
SXTB16 Signed extend
SYS Execute System coprocessor instruction
TBB, TBH Table Branch Byte, Halfword
TEQ Test Equivalence
TST Test
TT, TTT, TTA, TTAT Test Target (Alternate Domain, Unprivileged)
UADD8, UADD16, UASX Parallel Unsigned arithmetic
UDF Permanently Undefined
UDIV Unsigned Divide
UHADD8, UHADD16, UHASX, UHSUB8, UHSUB16, UHSAX Parallel Unsigned Halving arithmetic
UMAAL Unsigned Multiply Accumulate Accumulate Long
  (64 <= 32 + 32 + 32 x 32)
UMLAL, UMULL Unsigned Multiply Accumulate, Unsigned Multiply
  (64 <= 32 x 32 + 64), (64 <= 32 x 32)
UQADD8, UQADD16, UQASX, UQSUB8, UQSUB16, UQSAX Parallel Unsigned Saturating arithmetic
USAD8 Unsigned Sum of Absolute Differences
USADA8 Accumulate Unsigned Sum of Absolute Differences
USAT Unsigned Saturate
USAT16 Unsigned Saturate, parallel halfwords
USUB8, USUB16, USAX Parallel Unsigned arithmetic
UXTAB, UXTAB16, UXTAH Unsigned extend with Addition
UXTB, UXTH Unsigned extend
UXTB16 Unsigned extend
V* See Chapter 14 Advanced SIMD Instructions (32-bit) and Chapter 15 Floating-point Instructions (32-bit)
WFE, WFI, YIELD Wait For Event, Wait For Interrupt, Yield