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The EXPORTAS directive enables you to export a symbol from the object file, corresponding to a different symbol in the source file.


EXPORTAS symbol1, symbol2



is the symbol name in the source file. symbol1 must have been defined already. It can be any symbol, including an area name, a label, or a constant.


is the symbol name you want to appear in the object file.

The symbol names are case-sensitive.


Use EXPORTAS to change a symbol in the object file without having to change every instance in the source file.


    AREA data1, DATA       ; Starts a new area data1.
    AREA data2, DATA       ; Starts a new area data2.
    EXPORTAS data2, data1  ; The section symbol referred to as data2
                           ; appears in the object file string table as data1.
one EQU  2                  
    EXPORTAS one, two      ; The symbol 'two' appears in the object
    EXPORT one             ; file's symbol table with the value 2.                           

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