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Arm Compiler armclang Reference Guide : Language support library

Language support library

Describes implementation-defined aspects of the Arm® C++ compiler and C++ library relating to the language support library, as required by the ISO C++ Standard.

Exit status (18.5).
Control is returned to the host environment using the _sys_exit function of the Arm C Library.
Returned value of std::bad_alloc::what (
The returned value is std::bad_alloc.
Returned value of std::type_info::name (18.7.1).
The returned value is a string containing the mangled name of the type that is used in the typeid expression. The name is mangled following the Itanium C++ ABI specification.
Returned value of std::bad_cast::what (18.7.2).
The returned value is std::bad_cast.
Returned value of std::bad_typeid::what (18.7.3).
The returned value is std::bad_typeid.
Returned value of std::bad_exception::what (18.8.1).
The returned value is std::bad_exception.
Returned value of std::exception::what (18.8.1).
The returned value is std::exception.
Use of non-POFs as signal handlers (18.10).
Non Plain Old Functions (POFs) can be used as signal handlers if no uncaught exceptions are thrown in the handler, and the execution of the signal handler does not trigger undefined behavior. For example, the signal handler may have to call std::_Exit instead of std::exit.