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Arm Compiler armclang Reference Guide : Input/output library

Input/output library

Describes implementation-defined aspects of the Arm® C++ compiler and C++ library relating to the input/output library, as required by the ISO C++ Standard.

Behavior of iostream classes when traits::pos_type is not streampos or when traits::off_type is not streamoff (27.2.1).
There is no specific behavior implemented for this case.
Effect of calling std::ios_base::sync_with_stdio after any input or output operation on standard streams (
Previous input/output is not handled in any special way.
Exception thrown by basic_ios::clear (
When basic_ios::clear throws as exception, it throws an exception of type basic_ios::failure constructed with "ios_base::clear".
Move constructor of std::basic_stringbuf (
The constructor copies the sequence pointers.
Effect of calling std::basic_filebuf::setbuf with nonzero arguments (
The provided buffer replaces the internal buffer. The object can use up to the provided number of bytes of the buffer.
Effect of calling std::basic_filebuf::sync when a get area exists (
The get area is emptied and the current file position is moved back the corresponding number of bytes.