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Arm Compiler armclang Reference Guide : General


Describes general implementation-defined aspects of the Arm® C++ compiler and C++ library, as required by the ISO C++ Standard.

How a diagnostic is identified (1.3.6).

Diagnostic messages that the compiler produces are of the form:

source-file:line-number:char-number: description [diagnostic-flag]


Is a text description of the error.
Is an optional diagnostic flag of the form –Wflag, only for messages that can be suppressed.
Libraries in a freestanding implementation (1.4).
Arm Compiler supports the C99 and the C++11 standard libraries.
Bits in a byte (1.7).
The number of bits in a byte is 8.
What constitutes an interactive device (1.9).
What constitutes an interactive device depends on the environment and what the _sys_istty function reports. The standard I/O streams stdin, stdout, and stderr are assumed to be interactive devices. They are line-buffered at program startup, regardless of what _sys_istty reports for them. An exception is if they have been redirected on the command line.