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Toolchain overview

The Arm® Compiler 6 compilation tools allow you to build executable images, partially linked object files, and shared object files, and to convert images to different formats.

Figure 1-1 Compiler toolchain

The Arm Compiler toolchain comprises the following tools:

The armclang compiler and assembler. This compiles C and C++ code, and assembles A64, A32, and T32 GNU syntax assembly code.

The legacy assembler. This assembles A32, A64, and T32 assembly code, using armasm syntax.

Only use armasm for legacy armasm assembler syntax code. Use the armclang integrated assembler and GNU syntax for all new assembly files.

The linker. This combines the contents of one or more object files with selected parts of one or more object libraries to produce an executable program.
The librarian. This enables sets of ELF object files to be collected together and maintained in archives or libraries. You can pass such a library or archive to the linker in place of several ELF files. You can also use the archive for distribution to a third party for further application development.

The image conversion utility. This can also generate textual information about the input image, such as its disassembly and its code and data size.


Disassembly is generated in armasm assembler syntax and not GNU assembler syntax.