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General changes between RVCT v4.0 and ARM Compiler v4.1

Various general changes have been made in ARM Compiler toolchain v4.1.

The convention for naming environment variables, such as those for setting default header and library directories, has changed. These are now prefixed with ARMCC rather than RVCT. For example, ARMCC41INC rather than RVCT40INC.

Compatibility of ARM Compiler v4.1 with legacy objects and libraries

Backwards compatibility of objects and libraries built with RVCT 3.0 and earlier is supported provided they have not been built with --apcs /adsabi.

Given these restrictions, ARM strongly recommends that you rebuild your entire project, including any user, or third-party supplied libraries, with ARM Compiler v4.1. This is to avoid any potential incompatibilities, and to take full advantage of the improved optimization, enhancements, and new features provided by ARM Compiler v4.1.