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Revisions for Using the fromelf Image Converter

The following technical changes have been made to Using the fromelf Image Converter:

Table 4. Differences between issue G and issue H
ChangeTopics affected
Enhanced the description of --base.--base [[object_file::]load_region_ID=]num
Corrected the examples for --fieldoffsets, and added an example of the output.--fieldoffsets
Enhanced the description of --qualify.--qualify

Table 5. Differences between issue F and issue G
ChangeTopics affected
Removed spurious underscore from topic title, and added alternative syntax.--output=destination

Table 6. Differences between issue D and issue F
ChangeTopics affected
Added a note stating that --device option is deprecated.
Modified the version number reported by --version_number and --vsn.

Table 7. Differences between Issue C and Issue D
ChangeTopics affected

Corrected the topic title for --project=filename, --no_project.

Added notes to the descriptions of the --project, --reinitialize_workdir, and --workdir options.

Table 8. Differences between Issue A and Issue B
ChangeTopics affected
Added list item stating that fromelf can now process all files in an archive.About the fromelf image converter
Added new topic to describe how to process ELF files in an archiveProcessing ELF files in an archive
Clarified the description of protecting code in images and objects with fromelf, and the use of --privacy and --strip command-line optionsProtecting code in images and objects with fromelf
Added an example for --decode_build_attributes command-line option--decode_build_attributes
Added an example for --dump_build_attributes command-line option--dump_build_attributes
Modified description of build_attributes option to the --emit command-line option--emit=option[,option,...]
Added an example for --extract_build_attributes command-line option--extract_build_attributes
Modified the description of input_file to describe the processing of ELF files in an archive.input_file
Noted that the --[no_]linkview command-line option is deprecated--linkview, --no_linkview
Added additional information about using input archive files with the --output command-line option--output=destination
Clarified the description of the --privacy command-line option--privacy
Clarified the description of the localsymbols and symbols options for the --strip command-line option--strip=option[,option,...]
Added the restriction that the following command-line options cannot be used with object files: --bin, --bincombined, --cad, --cadcombined, --i32, --i32combined, --m32, --m32combined, and --vhx.