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Concepts common to both BPABI and SysV linking models

For both Base Platform Application Binary Interface (BPABI) and System V (SysV) linking models, images and shared objects usually run on an existing operating platform.

There are many similarities between the BPABI and the SysV models. For example, both produce a Program Header that maps the exception tables. The main differences are in the memory model, and in the Procedure Linkage Table (PLT) and Global Offset Table (GOT) structure, referred to collectively as PLTGOT. There are many options that are common to both models.

Restrictions of the BPABI and SysV

Both the BPABI and SysV models have the following restrictions:

  • Unused section elimination treats every symbol that is externally visible as an entry point.

  • Virtual function elimination is turned off.

  • Read write data compression is not permitted.

  • Scatter-loading is not permitted.

  • __AT sections are not permitted.


Scatter-loading is supported in the Base Platform linking model.