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HIDE steering file command

Makes defined global symbols in the symbol table anonymous.


HIDE pattern[,pattern]



is a string, optionally including wildcard characters, that matches zero or more defined global symbols. If pattern does not match any defined global symbol, the linker ignores the command. You cannot hide undefined symbols.


You can use HIDE and SHOW to make certain global symbols anonymous in an output image or partially linked object. Hiding symbols in an object file or library can be useful as a means of protecting intellectual property, as shown in the following example:

; steer.txt
; Hides all global symbols
; Shows all symbols beginning with ’os_’
SHOW os_*

This example produces a partially linked object with all global symbols hidden, except those beginning with os_.

Link this example with the command:

armlink --partial input_object.o --edit steer.txt -o partial_object.o

You can link the resulting partial object with other objects, provided they do not contain references to the hidden symbols. When symbols are hidden in the output object, SHOW commands in subsequent link steps have no effect on them. The hidden references are removed from the output symbol table.