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EXPORT steering file command

Specifies that a symbol can be accessed by other shared objects or executables.

Note A symbol can be exported only if the definition has STV_DEFAULT or STV_PROTECTED visibility. You must use the --override_visibility command-line option to enable the linker to override symbol visibility to STV_DEFAULT.


EXPORT pattern AS replacement_pattern[,pattern AS replacement_pattern]



is a string, optionally including wildcard characters (either * or ?), that matches zero or more defined global symbols. If pattern does not match any defined global symbol, the linker ignores the command. The operand can match only defined global symbols.

If the symbol is not defined, the linker issues:

Warning: L6331W: No eligible global symbol matches pattern symbol


is a string, optionally including wildcard characters (either * or ?), to which the defined global symbol is to be renamed. Wild characters must have a corresponding wildcard in pattern. The characters matched by the replacement_pattern wildcard are substituted for the pattern wildcard.

For example:

EXPORT my_func AS func1

renames and exports the defined symbol my_func as func1.


You cannot export a symbol to a name that already exists. Only one wildcard character (either * or ?) is permitted in EXPORT.

The defined global symbol is included in the dynamic symbol table (as replacement_pattern if given, otherwise as pattern), if a dynamic symbol table is present.