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Two pass assembler diagnostics

armasm can issue a warning about code that might not be identical in both assembler passes.

armasm is a two pass assembler and the input code that the assembler reads must be identical in both passes. If a symbol is defined after the :DEF: test for that symbol, then the code read in pass one might be different from the code read in pass two. armasm can warn in this situation.

To do this, use the --diag_warning 1907 command-line option when invoking armasm.


The following example shows that the symbol foo is defined after the :DEF: foo test.

    AREA x,CODE 
    [ :DEF: foo
foo MOV r3, r4

Assembling this code with --diag_warning 1907 generates the message:

Warning A1907W: Test for this symbol has been seen and may cause failure in the second pass.