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The GBLA, GBLL, and GBLS directives declare and initialize global variables.


gblx variable



is one of GBLA, GBLL, or GBLS.


is the name of the variable. variable must be unique among symbols within a source file.


The GBLA directive declares a global arithmetic variable, and initializes its value to 0.

The GBLL directive declares a global logical variable, and initializes its value to {FALSE}.

The GBLS directive declares a global string variable and initializes its value to a null string, "".

Using one of these directives for a variable that is already defined re-initializes the variable.

The scope of the variable is limited to the source file that contains it.

Set the value of the variable with a SETA, SETL, or SETS directive.

Global variables can also be set with the --predefine assembler command-line option.


The following example declares a variable objectsize, sets the value of objectsize to 0xFF, and then uses it later in a SPACE directive:

            GBLA    objectsize    ; declare the variable name
objectsize  SETA    0xFF          ; set its value
            .                     ; other code
            SPACE   objectsize    ; quote the variable

The following example shows how to declare and set a variable when you invoke armasm. Use this when you want to set the value of a variable at assembly time. --pd is a synonym for --predefine.

armasm --predefine "objectsize SETA 0xFF" sourcefile -o objectfile