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The INFO directive supports diagnostic generation on either pass of the assembly.

INFO numeric-expression, string-expression {, severity }



is a numeric expression that is evaluated during assembly. If the expression evaluates to zero:

  • No action is taken during pass one.

  • string-expression is printed as a warning during pass two if severity is 1.

  • string-expression is printed as a message during pass two if severity is 0 or not specified.

If the expression does not evaluate to zero:

  • string-expression is printed as an error message and the assembly fails irrespective of whether severity is specified or not (non-zero values for severity are reserved in this case).


is an expression that evaluates to a string.


is an optional number that controls the severity of the message. Its value can be either 0 or 1. All other values are reserved.


INFO provides a flexible means of creating custom error messages.

! is very similar to INFO, but has less detailed reporting.


        INFO    0, "Version 1.0"
        IF endofdata <= label1
            INFO    4, "Data overrun at label1"