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The ALIAS directive creates an alias for a symbol.

ALIAS name, aliasname



is the name of the symbol to create an alias for.


is the name of the alias to be created.


The symbol name must already be defined in the source file before creating an alias for it. Properties of name set by the EXPORT directive are not inherited by aliasname , so you must use EXPORT on aliasname if you want to make the alias available outside the current source file. Apart from the properties set by the EXPORT directive, name and aliasname are identical.

Correct example

bar PROC
    BX lr
    ALIAS  bar,foo    ; foo is an alias for bar
    EXPORT bar
    EXPORT foo        ; foo and bar have identical properties 
                      ; because foo was created using ALIAS
    EXPORT baz        ; baz and bar are not identical 
                      ; because the size field of baz is not set

Incorrect example

    EXPORT bar
    IMPORT car
    ALIAS  bar,foo ; ERROR - bar is not defined yet
    ALIAS  car,boo ; ERROR - car is external
bar PROC
    BX lr