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Appendix B. Revisions

This appendix describes the technical changes between released issues of this book.

Table B.1. Differences between issue A and issue B
Removed the configuration options and its range from Chapter 1 Introduction. Configurable options-
Added Dynamic programming section.Chapter 2 Functional Description-
Added access privilege information in About the programmers model.Chapter 3 Programmers Model-
Added configuration and usage constraint attributes in all register description.Chapter 3 Programmers Model-
Updated the bit description for Table 3.9.Chapter 3 Programmers Model-
Updated the reset values for Table 3.12Chapter 3 Programmers Model-
Updated the data width for AXI 4 Read data channel signals and ACE-Lite™ Read data channel signals.Appendix A Signal Descriptions-
Updated the width for mbistaddr in Table A.36.Appendix A Signal Descriptions-
Updated the note for RRESP in Table A.27.Appendix A Signal Descriptions-
Updated the Authentication interface signal.Appendix A Signal Descriptions-
Updated Chapter 1 Introduction.Chapter 1 Introduction-

Table B.2. Differences between issue B and issue C
Added information on About the MMU-400 and Features of the MMU-400Chapter 1 IntroductionAll
Added information on About the functions and InterfacesChapter 2 Functional DescriptionAll
Added a note on Fault handlingChapter 2 Functional DescriptionAll

Removed the register description for the following registers:

  • Performance Monitor Counter Enable Set and Clear registers.

  • Performance Monitor Interrupt Enable Set and Clear registers.

  • Performance Monitor Overflow Status Set and Clear registers.

Chapter 3 Programmers ModelAll