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HDR rendering

For mobile content, the relevant formats for rendering HDR images are RGB10_A2, for unorm data, and B10R11G11 and RGBA16F, for floating-point data.


You must understand the following concepts:

  • HDR rendering.

How to optimize the use of HDR rendering

Try using the following optimization steps:

  • Use RGB10_A2 UNORM formats for rendering where small increases in dynamic range are required.
  • Use B10G11R11 for floating-point rendering as it is only 32bpp, compared to 64bpp with full fp16 float.

HDR rendering steps to avoid

Arm recommends that you:

  • Do not use RGBA16F unless:
    • B10G11R11 is not providing suitable image quality.
    • Alpha is a requirement in the frame buffer.

Negative impacts of implementing HDR rendering incorrectly

The different types of impact you can see are:

  • Increased bandwidth usage and reduced application performance.
  • Fitting into 128bpp is difficult for multipass rendering to achieve efficiently.