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Build a SysV shared object

To build SysV shared libraries, compile the code for position independence using the -fsysv and -fpic options. Compiling for position independence is required because a shared library can load to any suitable address in the memory map. The linker options that are required to build a SysV shared library are --sysv, --shared, and --fpic.

Build the shared library and then run fromelf to examine the contents.


  1. Create the file lib.c containing the following code:
    int lib_func(int a)
        return 5 * a;
  2. Build the library:
    armclang --target=arm-arm-none-eabi -march=armv8-a -c -fsysv -fpic lib.c
    armlink --sysv --shared --fpic lib.o -o
  3. Run fromelf with the --only option to see that the function lib_func() has the visibility set to default and is present in the dynamic symbol table:
    fromelf -s --only=.dynsym
    ** Section #2 '.dynsym' (SHT_DYNSYM) [SHF_ALLOC]
        Size   : 32 bytes (alignment 4)
        Address: 0x00000110
        String table #3 '.dynstr'
        Last local symbol no. 0
        Symbol table .dynsym (1 symbols, 0 local)
          #  Symbol Name                Value      Bind  Sec  Type  Vis  Size
          1  lib_func                   0x00000144   Gb    4  Code  De   0x1c