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Example of reserving an empty block of memory

This example shows how to reserve and empty block of memory for stack and heap using a scatter-loading description. It also shows the related symbols that the linker generates.

In the following example, the execution region definition STACK 0x800000 EMPTY –0x10000 defines a region that is called STACK. The region starts at address 0x7F0000 and ends at address 0x800000:

LR_1 0x80000                          ; load region starts at 0x80000   
    STACK 0x800000 EMPTY -0x10000     ; region ends at 0x800000 because of the
                                      ; negative length. The start of the region
                                      ; is calculated using the length.
                                      ; Empty region for placing the stack

    HEAP +0 EMPTY 0x10000             ; region starts at the end of previous
                                      ; region. End of region calculated using
                                      ; positive length
                                      ; Empty region for placing the heap
    …                                 ; rest of scatter-loading description


The dummy ZI region that is created for an EMPTY execution region is not initialized to zero at runtime.

If the address is in relative (+offset) form and the length is negative, the linker generates an error.

The following figure shows a diagrammatic representation for this example.

Figure 5-3 Reserving a region for the stack

In this example, the linker generates the following symbols:

Image$$STACK$$ZI$$Base      = 0x7f0000
Image$$STACK$$ZI$$Limit     = 0x800000
Image$$STACK$$ZI$$Length    = 0x10000
Image$$HEAP$$ZI$$Base       = 0x800000
Image$$HEAP$$ZI$$Limit      = 0x810000
Image$$HEAP$$ZI$$Length     = 0x10000


The EMPTY attribute applies only to an execution region. The linker generates a warning and ignores an EMPTY attribute that is used in a load region definition.

The linker checks that the address space used for the EMPTY region does not coincide with any other execution region.