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The TZC-400 provides the following key features.

  • The ability to define up to eight address regions in the address map.
  • A default base region to cover all remaining portions of the address map.
  • Software programmable security access permissions for each address region through an APB4 interface. This includes the default base region, Region 0.
  • Filter units only allow data transfer between an ACE-Lite master and an ACE-Lite slave if the security status of the ACE-Lite transaction and its identity match the security settings of the memory region it addresses.
  • Common region configuration register settings that are shared between multiple filter units.
  • The filter units can support asynchronous clocks that are independent of each other and of the control unit that is clocked by the APB interface clock.
  • Dual read access path:

    • Fast path for low-latency accesses but with limited outstanding access support.

    • Normal path for accesses with a much higher outstanding access support.
  • Identity-based filtering of Non-secure accesses.
  • Reporting and interrupt signaling that is configurable from software to manage failed permission checks.
  • Speculative accesses to support QVN and fast path. This feature can be disabled.
  • AXI low-power interface for each clock domain.
  • Gate keeper to allow or block accesses to each filter unit.
  • Support for 256 outstanding transactions on the normal paths.