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Branch and change to Jazelle state.


BXJ{cond} Rm


is an optional condition code. cond is not available on all forms of this instruction.
is a register containing an address to branch to.


The BXJ instruction causes a branch to the address contained in Rm and changes the instruction set state to Jazelle.


In Arm®v8, BXJ behaves as a BX instruction. This means it causes a branch to an address and instruction set specified by a register.

Instruction availability and branch ranges

The following table shows the BXJ instructions that are available in A32 and T32 state. Instructions that are not shown in this table are not available.

Table C2-8 BXJ instruction availability and range

Instruction A32 T32, 16-bit encoding T32, 32-bit encoding
BXJ Rm Available - Available
BXJ{cond} Rm Available - -

Register restrictions

You can use SP for Rm in the BXJ A32 instruction but this is deprecated.

You cannot use SP in the BXJ T32 instruction.

Condition flags

The BXJ instruction does not change the flags.


See the preceding table for details of availability of the BXJ instruction in both instruction sets.