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Internal faults and other unexpected failures

Internal faults indicate that the tool has failed an internal consistency check or has encountered some unexpected input that it could not deal with. They might point to a potential issue in the tool itself.

For example:

Internal fault: [0x76fd03:600448]


  • The message description (Internal fault).
  • A six hex digit fault code for the error that occurred (0x76fd03).
  • The version number (60 is ARM® Compiler 6.0).
  • The build number (0448 in this example).

If you see an internal fault, contact your supplier.

To facilitate the investigation, try to send only the single source file or function that is causing the error, plus the command-line options used.

If the internal fault is caused by the assembler, and the source code contains pre-processor macros, it might be necessary to use the compiler to preprocess the source before sending it to your supplier.